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Beer-Inspired Food Market FREE


This summer, premium beer brand, Pravha, is touring the UK to bring the bold flavour and light taste of its pilsner to life in the most unexpected of ways – the Pravha Food Market Pop Up. Beer and food lovers can sample a plethora of food options inspired by the taste of Pravha, an unexpectedly crisp, light tasting and refreshing beer from the legendary brewers of Staropramen. From a pilsner nitro sorbet to wasabi and pickled ginger meringues, ready your taste buds for a bold, foodie experience like no other! First up is a classic summer staple to beat the heat: a super smooth sorbet, that mirrors the bold and light flavour cues of Pravha. A pilsner sorbet may seem like an unusual combination, but this one, made with liquid nitrogen, is unexpectedly refreshing and deliciously light. For foodies up for a challenge, head straight to our Edible Bubble Volcano and attempt to catch the light-as-air flavour of Pravha on your tongue. Releasing hundreds of bubbles every minute, it’s up to you to chase and catch the beer bubbles and experience their slightly malty, hoppy flavour, with just a hint of sweetness. For the true flavour connoisseurs among us, it’s the weird and wonderful creations from experimental food experts, The Robin Collective, which take this foodie experience to the next level. Taking the bold flavour and light taste of Pravha as inspiration, they have created a range of mini edibles, working with the lightest of foods to carry the boldest of flavours. From a wasabi and pickled ginger meringue to a double raspberry marshmallow, each edible has been designed to marry perfectly with the taste of Pravha. For the boldest of beer connoisseurs, try pairing a sample of chilled Pravha with our chipotle chilli and burnt corn popcorn to cut through the iconic bitterness of the Saaz hops and extend the unique finish. Every visitor will also get to sample the crisp, refreshing taste of Pravha with a 33ml sample of the lighter tasting pilsner given away to each attendee. The Pravha Food Market is completely free to attend, simply head down to try the experience for yourself. Pravha is stocked at major retailers nationwide including Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Co-op, Morrisons and Ocado.

18 July 2019 –19 July 20192019-07-18T13:00:00Z2019-07-19T14:50:00Z


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