The Three Tuns

0121 355 2996

19 High Street
Sutton Coldfield

B72 1XS

Birmingham GB

The Three Tuns is the oldest pub in Sutton Coldfield, dating back to the early 16th Century - with past guests such as Shakespeare and Cromwell and reputably haunted by the ‘Royalist Drummer Boy’ who died during the Civil War after being held in the stocks and then later locked in the cellar.


Acoustic Club 8:30pm

4 Aug, 8.30pm

Rock & Pop at The Three Tuns


The Chronicles of Zee 7:00pm

10 Aug, 7.00pm

Rock & Pop at The Three Tuns


Acoustic Club 8:30pm

11 Aug, 8.30pm

Rock & Pop at The Three Tuns


Acoustic Club 8:30pm

18 Aug, 8.30pm

Rock & Pop at The Three Tuns

Other venues nearby


Swing from Paris 8:30pm

23 Jul, 8.30pm

Jazz at The Three Tuns


Aquilla Rox 7:00pm

26 Jul, 7.00pm

Rock & Pop at The Three Tuns


Tunsfest 12:00pm

27 Jul, 12.00pm

Rock & Pop at The Three Tuns


Acoustic Club 8:30pm

28 Jul, 8.30pm

Rock & Pop at The Three Tuns

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