Rainbow (& Warehouse)

0121 772 8174


160 High Street

B12 0LD

Birmingham GB

The Rainbow is located in the south of Birmingham on the main drag in Digbeth, same side as the Custard Factory, 100 metres further out of town.

This old victorian boozer oozes character and charm with an ability to capture and hold any crowd. The 3 rooms moving away from the mainstream sound infavour of innovative, eclectic and diverse entertainment.

Rainbow Warehouse

Adderley Street B9 4ED

A separate venue just down the road from the excellent Rainbow Pub.


Only Real 6:30pm

9 May, 6.30pm

Rock & Pop at Rainbow (& Warehouse)


David Ford 7:00pm

14 May, 7.00pm

Rock & Pop at Rainbow (& Warehouse)

Other venues nearby


The Xcerts 7:00pm

19 Apr, 7.00pm

Rock & Pop at Rainbow (& Warehouse)


Nadine Shah 6:30pm

24 Apr, 6.30pm

Rock & Pop at Rainbow (& Warehouse)

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