Mama Roux's

160 Lower Trinity Street
Digbeth, Birmingham

B12 0LD

Birmingham GB

An exuberant new venue born from a love of New Orleans and Deep South America. With a completely unique and bespoke venue design, Mama Roux's offers an entirely fresh concept, full of character and is home to some of Birmingham's most celebrated events.


Wild Nothing 7:30pm

12 Feb, 7.30pm

Rock & Pop at Mama Roux's


Sum Cellar 10:30pm

16 Feb, 10.30pm

Club at Mama Roux's


Soul Fusion 11:00pm

23 Feb, 11.00pm

Club at Mama Roux's


The Only way is Garage 10:00pm

9 Mar, 10.00pm

Club at Mama Roux's


The Ocean 7:00pm

20 Mar, 7.00pm

Rock & Pop at Mama Roux's


Saint Vitus 7:00pm

17 Apr, 7.00pm

Rock & Pop at Mama Roux's

Other venues nearby


The Patty Freaks 18 Jan - 19 Jan

18 Jan - 19 Jan

Community at Mama Roux's


A Night of Blink 182 11:00pm

25 Jan, 11.00pm

Club at Mama Roux's


Dead Pixels 12:00pm

27 Jan, 12.00pm

Community at Mama Roux's


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 11:00pm

8 Feb, 11.00pm

Club at Mama Roux's


Third Eye Collective 11:00pm

9 Feb, 11.00pm

Club at Mama Roux's

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