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Overall Well Being Programme - Inner Engineering


“As there is a physical science to create external well-being, there is a whole inner dimension of science to create inner well-being, I call this inner engineering” —Sadhguru

Designed by Sadhguru, Inner Engineering is a technology for well being derived from the ancient science of yoga. For those seeking professional and personal excellence, this program fosters an understanding of your inner world and offers keys for fulfilling relationships at work, at home, in the society and most importantly within yourself.

Offered as a 4-day intensive program, it empowers you to handle the pace of modern life with ease and realise your peak potential—a potential modern physicists and psychologists say is almost unlimited.

Participants receive life-transforming wisdom from Sadhguru, a set of simple and potent yoga practices and initiation into the ancient Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, a powerful 21-minute yoga practice aimed at purifying your entire system, improving health, productivity, balance and inner well-being.

The programme is open to anyone above 14 years of age and does not require any physical flexibility or prior experience of yoga.


Health: Reduce stress levels Prevent chronic diseases Improve sleep patterns Optimise health and vitality

Performance: Improve communication Enhance focus and memory Increase mental sharpness Unleash creativity Raise productivity and efficiency

Experience: High energy levels throughout the day Instil a sense of peace and joy Live each moment to the fullest

Timings:(Attendance on all 4 days is mandatory)

Thursday May 14th : 6:00 PM - 9:15 PM Friday May 15th :6:00 PM - 9:15 PM Saturday May 16th: 9AM - 19:30PM Sunday May 17th: 8AM- 19:30PM

On Thursday, the session will begin with a free intro talk followed by a short break during which participants can register. All are welcome to join.


Useful Links: What is Inner Engineering - Reviews -

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