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Daniela Martins: Being Abroad: Private Reward in the mid-18th dynasty Levant

Following the Second Intermediate Period, the traditional Egyptian relationship with Syria-Palestine has considerably changed. After a first momentum of raids and razzia which broadly characterized the early 18th dynasty ‘policy’ in the region, it is during the mid-18th dynasty that one can observe some indications for an aim to more effective control. In this context, it is possible to identify individuals who were involved with the missions abroad and from whom interesting information about their presence beyond the borders of Egypt is available.

This talk aims to present the results of the dissertation of my master degree at the University of Liverpool which focuses on studying the effect of favour and empowerment of officials (and consequently respective families) who had performed tasks in the Levant between the reigns of Thutmose III (c.1479-c.1425 B.C.) and Amenhotep II (c. 1426 -1400 B.C). In other words, the purpose is to identify the individuals that were connected with the Egyptian policy in the Levant during this period and understand to what extent performing tasks abroad is directly connected with their gain of political positions and economic empowerment when they returned to Egypt.

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