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Lewis Turner: Medieval Islamic Interpretations and Context of Ancient Egyptian Monuments

This talk is based upon the dissertation that I submitted in 2019, and it aims to address the inherent bias of western scholarship regarding the validity of the Islamic attempts to understand the landscape in which they found themselves within Egypt. It also aims to look at the reasons why this section of the corpus of literature has been largely ignored by the world, regardless of their value. It aims to illuminate the value and the use of these sources for historians, anthropologists and archaeologist alike. To understand these sources, it is important to understand their context and the environment in which they were produced. The intellectual age in which they found themselves in was one of great exploration into the world. The work aims to further highlight the efforts of the scholars in attempting to create a history that connected them to the landscape and yet resembled the history of the people that they were studying, based upon the remnants of the culture left behind and the source material they had available. By discussing the works of Al-Masudi and Ibn Jubayr, the hope is that it becomes clear the value of this type of source material and further highlight the need for the Egyptological community to incorporate this material into their corpus of historiographical details, especially when looking at the origin of the discipline.

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