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Fat Penguin Presents: Will Franken, Rob Mulholland, Andrew Mensah FREE


NEXT SHOW!! 8PM WEDS 4TH MARCH @ The Patrick Kavanagh Bar Hosted by Jay Handley Headline set from man-of-a-million-characters... Will Franken ! “Imagine a surreal-estate agent guiding you through some Escher-like architectural marvel, where each room is its own deeply funny, satirical dream, every passageway a verbal wormhole, and in the corner a shaggy high priest of nothing's-sacredness is fiddling with a bunch of knobs on what looks like an espresso maker. Suddenly you wake up and remember that the lanky comedic heavy-lifter who put the abs on absurdity with last year's Good Luck with It returns to the Marsh for a one-off.... The moral? Existence may be fleeting, but Franken is not to be missed.” — San Francisco Bay Guardian Opening set from champion of comedy... Rob Mulholland !! Six foot seven of pure funny, Rob Mulholland is a bombastic, mischievous gag-slinging rascal with a heart full of humour and gob full of shite. An established, bullet-proof comedy Pro forged in the fires of the nothern comedy circuit who now travels the world packing big belly laughs. A regular at all the biggest comedy clubs in the UK; whether going for the kill with his playful filth-mongering and hilarious, furious tirades against minor annoyances or holding a night together with his genial but sharp hosting skills, he can adapt to any kind of crowd and event. Plus a short set from talented up and comer.. Andrew Mensah ! #comedyclub #birminghamevents #moseleyevents #birminghamcomedy

Wednesday 4 8.00PMMarch


Patrick Kavanagh Bar

Woodbridge Road

B13 8EH Birmingham GB

0121 449 2598

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