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How to be more attractive using the psychology of attraction. Workshop

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Detail This is an incredibly special primarily dating skills woekshop It will give you the tools to increase your magnetism

Have you ever wondered how to be more attractive in your search for a partner? Well, the answer is attraction isn’t only about looks, its about sooooo much more

This webinar will show you that you can boost your attraction in order to find a romantic partner, but also…

…how to increase your attraction to work with certain people you wish to and to increase attraction to find friendships you have always desired

Some of the questions that will be answered

  • why do people get attracted to each other and how to increase your attraction to others

+Can your personality really make you more attractive and how do I develop this skill?

  • Does height/ weight/looks of really matter?

+Do opposites attract?

+What is attractive body language?

Cost of workshop £10

Autumn 0745575144

Saturday 1812.30PMSeptember


Old Moseley Arms

53 Tindal Street
Balsall Heath

B12 9QU Birmingham GB

0121 440 1954

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