Adding Events

Adding events to Live Brum

It is now easier than ever to get you event listed on Live Brum.

How do I add my events?

You've got two options

  1. Register for an account and do it yourself. The first few times you add events they will be held in a queue for approval before going live on the site. Once you have added a few events successfully we'll remove that restriction and let you add events that show up immediately.
  2. Send us your event data via email. Just mail us at including the following information and we'll add it for you.
    • Event Title
    • Event Venue
    • Event Date(s) and Time(s)
    • Preferred Genre Pick from the list in the header
    • Event description (optional)
    • Website link to event information (optional but strongly recommended)
    • Website link to book tickets (optional)
    • An event image (optional)
    • Any other external links (such as a performers website)

Is my event eligible? What counts as Birmingham?

We have a pretty relaxed definition of what counts as being in Birmingham but we do stick to it. If your venue has EITHER a Bxx postcode OR an 0121 phone number then we're happy to include your events.

Getting a good listing

If you want your event to stand out then it is important to supply a good image. Only events with images make it into the featured events scattered throughout the site.

A short but information-rich description. Our experience is that users simply don't read the event description if you enter 500 words of detail. However a concise event description detailing useful information about the event makes it much more appealing to people browsing the site. The event description is also a good place to add confirmation of ticket prices and more detailed genre info.

Ensure that you have added a link where people can find out more. This can be a venue website, promoters website, blog or something else but people are more likely to turn up if they can verify the details of the event somewhere else.

Venues and promoters

If you have a new venue or better information about existing venues on this site then please get in touch so we can ensure your information is absolutely correct.