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Live Brum provides listings for events throughout Birmingham UK.

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Subscribe to feeds for today’s events, tomorrow’s events (both of which refresh every day) or to events on a particular day. Subscribe to events at a particular venue or events in a particular genre. You can even subscribe to a particular genre of events at a particular venue. If this isn't enough then you can subscribe to a feed of search results or create your own custom listings (which have their own feed). Custom Listings can be created with a combination of search terms, genres and distance to a particular point.

iCal downloads

Each event includes a calendar file you can use to automatically add the information your calendar. There is also a link to 'add to Google Calendar' if that's your thing. If an event has several performances then we offer a calendar file for each and every performance.

Live Brum is editorially independent from all venues, organisations, bands, & promoters except where explicitly stated otherwise.

How do I add my events?

Register for an account and do it yourself or email us at events@livebrum.co.uk. More details on our Adding events page.

Is my event eligible? What counts as Birmingham?

We have a pretty relaxed definition of what counts as being in Birmingham but we do stick to it. If your venue has EITHER a Bxx postcode OR an 0121 phone number then we're happy to include your events.


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Live Brum is not responsible for the accuracy of any information on this site. We do our best to ensure that information is correct and up-to-date but things often change at late notice so please confirm the details with the appropriate venue. Full Disclaimer here

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