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What are main Political Ideologies?


How do different ideologies see and interpret the world? What are their main tenets and assumptions? Which of the main political ideology worldview is closest to you?

Date: February 15th, 2020 - event will start 12:00 to 1:30, but the venue will be open from 11:30.

Place: Edgbaston Community Centre 40 Woodview Drive Edgbaston Birmingham West Midlands B15 2HU

Cost: £5 - to partially cover the booking of the venue.

The meetup will seek to introduce you to and answer the above questions in a brief and easily understood manner from an objective and non-partisan point of view.

The workshop will include the following: 1. Introduction and discussion about Conservative political worldview and its branches, such as Liberal Conservatism and Christian Democracy. 2. Introduction and discussion about Socialdemocratic political worldview and its origins, such as Democratic Socialism, and branches, such as Third Way. 3. Introduction and discussion about Classical Liberal political worldview and its branches, such as National Liberalism and Social Liberalism 4. Custom made political worldview assessment quiz that is very different from other political tests that can be found online as it assesses not only the policies but also deeper presuppositions that explain why certain policies are chosen or not.

I am a political science graduate with an interest in politics, economics and psychology. The main aim of the workshop is to teach about various different political ideologies and what they entail.

Saturday 1512.00PMFebruary


Edgbaston Community Centre

40 Woodview Drive

B15 2HU Birmingham GB

0121 464 9665

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